Toni & Charlie

I started the series Toni & Charlie in July 2015. Two little girls. Two little wise crack girls, actually. Two little girls that drive their parents mad whenever they see an opportunity.

The elder sister. Loves nature. She is self-conscious. She is a good sport and fun to be with. Not a typical girl, though, but rather a good pal. She recently started attending school. Toni feels that school is very different from kindergarten. Which is why school goes on her nerves once in a while.

She is the younger sister, she certainly is a sly old dog. And a tough cookie, let me tell you. She is the wild one and an anti-philosopher. A typical second child, if you wish.

Considers himself a modern dad. That leaves room for interpretation, don’t you agree? He works as a self-employed programmer, developping apps and other software. He is also the house husband, which means he is in charge of the kids, the household and everything that goes with it. He has the hunch that the role of a traditional housewife is very much underrated by the rest of the population.

Has to wait until episode 11 until her first appearance. This is mainly due to her job: being a successful business woman, Mom travels a lot, just like successful business men do.