I am a comic artist. I conceive and draw a regular web comic, Toni & Charlie – the page you are currently browsing. I was born in 1968. I also do comic art for individuals as well as for companies. So if you like my style, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a potential work of art.

dscn1635 I live in the small town of Aschaffenburg, Germany. Maybe, you have heard of it. More likely is, you haven’t. Well, it’s twinned with Perth in Scotland. Maybe you have heard of Perth in Perthshire. That doesn’t give you a clue about Aschaffenburg, but at least you may think “if it’s twinned with Perth (Scotland!), it can’t be that bad”. Which is true. Or maybe you have once been on a plane and changed planes in Frankfurt (Germany, too). Ah, well, bravo: you see – Aschaffenburg is some 30 miles east of Frankfurt airport.

I have worked in the computer industry the first half of my life, mainly for software companies. This is why the dad figure of my strip is a self-employed programmer. I have never programmed a single line of code (other than batch files, that is. Yes, well, I did that.) and I have never been self-employed. It’s only now that I have become a cartoon and comic artist that I am self-employed.

What experiences do I have with kids? Well, I have two girls and that qualifies me as dad. I have become a dad when I was 41 years, so rather late. I was “re-dadded” again three years later. The real names of my girls are not Toni and Charlie, as you may have guessed.

When you have kids of your own, you may have realized that they never cease to amaze you. Of course.